Garden State Design Group

Landscape architecture is the design of outdoor public areas, landmarks, and structures to achieve environmental, social-behavioral, or aesthetic outcomes.Garden State Design Group features a licensed Landscape Architect and Landscape Designers to design and oversee your needs and desires for your property.

Step 1: Fact Finding

We get to know you, your property, and the architecture of your home. What ideas do you have? What images have you collected? What are the views and the climate? How do you plan to use the space? We study site parameters, and conduct necessary research to generate thoughtful design solutions. These conversations are the foundation for designing the right space for you.

Step 2: Brainstorming

This step involves brainstorming and exploring possibilities. We generate concepts and pull images to convey our ideas. We present you with options and you choose one concept. We generate preliminary budgets to show you realistic projections of likely costs. The costs are based upon current competitive pricing from within the industry.

Step 3: Refining The Concept

The next step begins with your approval of the concept and preliminary budget. Now we refine the chosen concept and bring it to life. We guide you through materials, patterns, styles, and color choices. We show details for everything from steps and gates, to lighting and plants. We help you make the final decisions for the design and your budget.

Step 4: Technical Drawings

Technical renderings communicate the design to the contractor. These drawings are necessary for exact dimensions, materials, and building instructions. This is what assures your concept gets completed correctly.

Step 5: The Contractor

Drawings and are completed and sent out to our sister company Garden State Groundskeeping. We work together to make sure you are comfortable with them or find you a different company to be sure you are at ease with the everything. Together we decide what the best fit for your project is.

Step 6: Project Oversight

Think of us as your personal representative working on your behalf. We oversee all of your project’s installation. We go to nurseries and quarries. We hand select specimen trees, plants, and boulders for your project. We direct hardscape elements, position trees and verify site-lines. We place the individual plants and deliver the final touches.